CPU Temp FX-8320

I have an 8320 and its OC to 4.0ghz
I have a evo 212 cooling fan
Now when am rendering something out in Vegas or After effects my CPU temps go to 76-80 C
When am gaming it usually stays around 60 C
I know its OC but was just wonder if these temps are normal? cause sometimes I feel like I didn't apply the thermal paste properly

Quick Question am looking at this on Speccy and my motherboard CPU slot stay at 60 C that's just the pins right?

That's the CPU socket, if it reaches 85-90*C the computer will shut off. That hyper 212 evo is really sub-par for cooling an AMD bulldozer/vishera 8-core CPU. Typically even a AIO cooler isn't enough when you start getting up around 4.7GHz-4.8GHz unless you have an overclocking unicorn.

What is your voltage at 4GHz? If it's any more than 1.34v it's too high. Also Which motherboard are you using?

Is there a way to check voltage that isn't in bios?

Depending on your case, 60 might be nominal. I have your same chip and cooler. using Hardware monitor, I am usually in the 30s with a 4.1 overclock. you may first want to check your fan directions. be sure your CPU fans are blowing upwards and not down or against each other. if you have top mounted fans, those need to blow up( all of them) and the rear should blow out as well. any bottom fans should blow into the case and front mounts should blow into the case. I would recommend HWmonitor as a monitoring software above anything else. If you can not get your temps down, THEN I would check the paste and the seat of the cooler.
Also, if those temps are only in rendering, you can temporarily set the fan speeds in MSI afterburner to %100 for as long as that takes.

I have to mounted fans at top two in front and one in the back none at the bottom am pretty sure my top and cpu fans are blowing inwards how would i know?

and the fan on the back is also blowing inwards i think onto the cpu

try using open hardware monitor or HWmonitor

draw a pic?

i just opened my case to see if my cpu fan was moving which it is XD and my temp drop to 70 C so do i need to turn my fans around?

MY CPU voltage is 1.360v

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XD sorry for my drawing skills

I believe all my fans are blowing in am still not sure

Those temps ARE NOT NORMAL and NOT SAFE usually you want your temps to be about 60 for AMD FX and i would suggest getting a Liquid cooler.

Turn the top three fans so they are pulling air out of the case.

Turn the top three fans so they are blowing air out of the case.

and also your heatskink fan as well due to convection i believe what its called.

okay my top fans are intaking so i gotta turn them around my back fan is blowing outwards