CPU Suggestions

Thinking about building a tower and looking for some suggestions:

College student so price is a bit of a factor. Would plan on getting about a $200 - $400 graphics card. Engineering Student so AutoCad / Solidworks rendering as well as gaming. Some overclocking (not extreme, no water cool)

Looking at i5 - 3570K ($219), i5 - 4670K ($239), i7 - 4770K ($339).

AMD suggestions are fine, I just don't happen to know their line up.

Side note about the i7 vs. i5. Will the i7 OC better? $100 for hyper threading seems dumb to me. Lots of programs don't even effectively use 4 cores much less 8.

honestly, you'll be fine with any of the CPU's AutoCad and Solidwork aren't too hardware intensive compared to other software like Maya/3ds max.  I would focus graphics more than anything.  

For gaming i5 would be fine but since next gen is going 8 core, never go wrong with more cores.  AMD would be a great idea for that.  

AMD CPU's are great, but there is only 1 AMD chip that i would recommend for work/gaming and thats the FX-8350.  

For graphics, I would strongly suggest AMD, mainly because for high number calculations like Autocad which prefer it, but NVidia is powerful so not bad either or.

In conclusion, you're at a point of transition in every tech industry so for now you're good with any kind of high end CPU i5/i7/FX-8350 can't go wrong.  Same as graphics cards, i'd say if you're going Nvidia, stay with the GTX 760 and AMD with 7970/280x.  Good price point and great performance either or.

I would probably buy a fx 8350 or a 4770k depending how much you want to spend

I would like to get into 3DSMAX and After Effects and I mess around with Blender a bit (it's free). How does that change things?

It looks like the 8350 is the way to go. 

3ds Max is quite the modelling program, once you get into it i would drop Blender, mainly because blender is kind of hated in the modelling world...i don't understand why.  It does use PhysX for Ray Tracing and animation.  After Effects loves NVidia. as well, so if you're going to focus later on with those software u might like going that route.

had the same problem earlier this week lol. I just got mad and just went with 4770k

I5 4670K