CPU suggestion for combination HTPC and Home Server

So i am in the process of setting up my home network. I am building a small server rack into my desk in my office and i will be running 4x Cat 6 to every room in my house. Part of this setup is going to be to do a rack mounted HTPC/Media Server. I am sort of stuck though on planning for that build as i am unsure of the quality/strength of CPU i will need to meet my needs.

Here is what i need:

Budget: None set, ill spend what i have to to make it work the way i need it to, that in mind i dont want to waste money on overkill. (Original thoughts were 5820k)

  1. Basic gaming (i will be putting in a GTX 960 for basic 1080p gaming when using our tv in the living room)
  2. Multipoint streaming, we will be streaming videos from this media server up to 3 connections at a time and at minimum of 1080p quality.
  3. I use Tversity Media server for streaming, this software automatically transcodes while streaming for the file type best suited for the device.
  4. i dont think there is anything out there that doesnt support raid but just in case, i was leaning toward running a raid 5 setup for data security in this rig, but open to other suggestions on raid setup.

If you guys need any additional information please let me know, i look forward to seeing some suggestions.

look into the old x79 mobos with a xeon e5 2670, there dirt ass cheep atm and they have plenty of power to do just about anything you want them to do. it may be a older 2011 socket but it's still a power house. as for a raid controller, look into a pci-e raid controller that will make the cut and last, the best case budget i'd say is about 1k including all the hardware for the tower.

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Thanks for the suggestion, out of curiosity do you have a suggestion on where to look for MB and cpu here locally, Western nc, I can't seem to find anything and Amazon and eBay show more expensive than x99.

Edit* ignore that, helps if I turn off my new only settings.

not a problem lol, you should enjoy the old e5 series for some time before something new comes out