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CPU [Solved] Cooler for Silverstone Milo ml08 mini-itx case


I am in a bit of a picke in regards to finding a fitting CPU cooler.
My case of choice is the Milo ml08 from Silverstone, and my CPU of choice is the Ryzen 2700x with a TDP of 95w, so a reasonable amount of cooling may be needed.
The specs say that there’s 58mm head room for the CPU cooler, though in reality, as per my own somewhat imprecise measurements, you can probably add 3 or 4mm to that.
I have so far been unable to find a suitable cooler, thus I’m asking for recommendations here.
I’ve had my eye on Noctua NH-L9x65 SE-AM4, which I’m quite sure won’t fit, though I have considered to go to extremes. Cut a suitable hole in the side panel, which can still be covered by the dust filter (~2mm), and delid the CPU (~2mm?), and boom, there’s room enough… In theory.

Anyway, before I start doing things I’m going to regret, I’d like any hints, advice, etc. you may be capable of giving. Perhaps there are coolers I’ve overlooked?

Thanks and best regards.

The Noctua NH-L9x65 SE-AM4 actually does fit. See my latest reply for details.


if you’re not overclocking then you can pretty much just slap any half decent LPF on there, ryzen doesn’t run all that hot


I’m definitely not overclocking, but I may be doing CPU intensive work from time to time and I would rather like to avoid throttling.
But I suppose you’re right, though there’s also the issue of noise. Even the stock cooler, which is rather beefy, does ramp up from time to time, which is quite audible. I’d hate to think what a lesser cooler might sound like, attempting to keep the temperature down.


if you’re concerned about noise then the L9 series is fine, the 65 is the absolute tallest one though, and you might be better of with an L12 or an L9a instead of the 65

there’s also the scythe kozuti or SCSK as options


No it won´t. Silverstone says 58mm max hight, Noctua has the NH-L9x65 at 65mm (as it says in the name).
The Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 would fit.
The Cryorig C7 and C7 Cu would also work.
The ID-Cooling IS-60 fits with 3mm clearance.


Yes as I made clear, I am perfectly well aware that it won’t fit out of the box, though the clearance is higher than Silverstone claims.
I’ve never heard about ID-Cooling IS-60, but looking at the specs it is clear that it won’t fit. At the very least i’d have to go get some low profile memory, which I’m quite sure doesn’t appear on the QVL, at least not in the configuration I desire, and if I somehow got some low profile RAM, it is perfectly possible that it won’t fit anyway.

Still, thanks for the recommendations.


As it happens, I took a chance, and the Noctua NH-L9x65 SE-AM4 does actually fit. There may be a slight bulge in, but it is so slight that I’m not actually sure.
The remaining problems are:

  1. The CPU cooler is anything but silent. I may have to try that odd “Silent converter” that was included in the box, though it does seem rather silly as a concept.
    Edit: The converter does actually work, though the temp are a tiny bit higher now.
  2. The cables! My oh my, even with my weaponized autism in high gear, I see little choice buy to tailor cables.
  3. My GPU, the one thing I was sure would fit, doesn’t, and I see no other choice that to mod the case.