Cpu socket, Damp?!

I was cleaning out my father's desktop.
I tore it down to the cpu.
It looked physically Damp?

I stuck my finger into the corner of the bottom of the cpu.
And when it came back, the corner of the cpu looked 'less' Damp.

So I looked at the socket.
And it just sorta SEEMS Damp ish...
I can't Feel it with my fingers tho...

It's got me concerned tho.

His computer seems to have the problem of randomly shutting down
That's why I was cleaning it.
But the shutdowns would only happen every few days completely randomly with no pattern

hmm, you did not happen to see any capacitors that may be swelled up did you?

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I'll recheck

Nothing appears to be bloated damaged or stressed
The CPU Cooler was an antech kuhler 620
It appears to have the correct level of sloshiness and does not appear to be physically damaged at all

You can see a color difference between the left and right sides of the socket

Uploading a YouTube video,
Gimmi a minute.

maybe run the cooler by itself to make sure it isnt leaking

ive got it running off of my front panel switch
if the orientation of the radiator is vertical,
so that the water lines are at the TOP.
there is Definitely air in the loop.

just flip it so that the tubes are at the bottom and the pump clears out the bubbles and its golden.

Looks like there is some sort of liquid leakage which most likely came form the water cooler which probably had leaked at some point.

can a cooler only leak every now and then ?
would it not be some slow constant?

dunno but i have no experience from watercooling so i got no idea. just common sense what tells me.

Its a long shot but it could if it is expanding or moving is some odd way when on and heating/cooling. Or some freakish super slow leak that is only caused by some odd vibration. Super long shot but yeah i guess possible.


If it's a high pressure leak and if it has a variable pump speed, yes.

I was going to swap the cpu gpu and cooler with my workstation PC at my job.

The stock cooler hardly cools the fx4100
Not sure about a 6200.

I've got a hyper 212 but don't know if I've got the backplate...

I think the 212 can be mounted without the backplate (not 100% sure)

If you can confirm that while I dig around in my room looking for that stupid mounting hardware thad be awesome

I have no way to confirm it, I just recall hearing a youtuber (forget which one) saying something about mounting a 212 without a backplate.

Meh, I've mounted an aio watercooler to the side of a gpu with zipties before.
I'll figure out my issue of incorrect screws

That's not the case I guess. In one of the pics he posted there are some visible screws on the copper plate of the cooler "corroded" by the liquid inside the cooler leaking. Also the noise coming from the cooler working is due to bubbles (as KuramaKistsune said).

@SoulFallen To mount the 212 the AMD mounting should be unscrewed from the board so a backplate is needed, unfortunately.

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No I'm pretty sure that was just a bunch of thermal material goop spilling into the head of the screw