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CPU slow down


firefox ran fast previously when I did run a live linux stick not to long ago. I also posted the results for the drive above


Since you’re observing slow-downs when you update games (assuming that is the actual cause) that can either be IO to the disk or something more processor intensive like decompression.

What process is taking up the 75-100% in task manager?

I would consider looking into issues with the disk in case it might be failing and produces the strange results.


4770K is a pretty hot cpu its notorious for that .
So maybe check the temps, it might be thermal throttling.


It slows down heavily when I open firefox with 6 home tabs. It also slows down when doing game updates. It seems like it’s during heavy internet usage but I would claim it’s not that heavy. When the CPU usage shoots up yo 75-100% it is when I open firefox with not that many other programs open(only startup programs basically).


I will keep an eye on temps, I forgot about that because I never really see it get hot when I used to keep an eye on temps(heavy gaming).


I had the same issue with my i7 4770k an it was fixed with a clean install of win 10 pro an clean install of all drivers. Now on temps i can’t say as i’ve de-lidded my one with help from friends who did there’s an it’s a night an day difference in temps up to 10 deg C in some tests. But there is a risk of damaging the chip if done so be very careful an use the right tools.


One thing to try is cleaning out the browser history, cache temp files and all that junk browsers accumulate.

Win 10 does have a pretty good ant-virus program, I do an offline scan from time to time and a full scan (about 3 hrs) before going to sleep.
Your setup blows mine out of the water.
7850k+R7250 with 1tb spinning rust


Reset of win10 (keep files)has seemed to fixed the issue permanently and I do regular maintenance with CCleaner often