Cpu scare story

nice little scare story for those a few who have been in my shoes.

one day i decided to clean my case fans,case,and heat sinks of dust. got all fans clean got case clean last thing was my heat sinks for my cpu. after pulling it off i noticed that my cpu was still attached to it even though i didn't release the locking lever. after a moment of looking at it and going oh fudge. i tried to separate the two after having to twist it off and use a bit of force(i now know im stupid) i got it off. cleaned up the heat sink went to reinstall the cpu but no dice bent pins on the cpu. so what is a guy to do but use a small Flathead screwdriver and realign the pins. after taking 45 min to ensure all pins were fixed reinstalled. upon first boot i go into bios to make sure everything is normal. ram is down clocked to 1333 from 1600, everything else is normal. so i put ram back to 1600 no boot. go back into bios lower ram to 1333 and boots just fine. 

lady luck determined that my memory controller would not let me put ram any higher than 1333 and boot. yes i am lucky i still have a working cpu just bad luck that my memory controller is half toast.


I've had a very simmilar issue with a Old Emachine that I was messing with. Took it all apart to clean it and decided why not try and replace the Thermal paste. Pulled off the heatsink and the CPU comes with it. Thought to myself "Oh Sh*t" Took quite a bit of brute force to get the damn thing off. Also had a few bent pins from when it separated from the Mobo along with the heat sink. Couldnt think of any way better to fix it than a really small flathead aswell xD got it all back together and the damn thing luckly still booted. That thermal paste was damn near superglue!

And the moral of that story is to always twist the cooler as you go to pull it off :P

I would say you got away not too badly for what happened. I once used too much paste in my early days of building and that was not very long ago. I realized my mistake and warmed up the CPU to help avoid what happened to you. There was well let’s just say way too much paste so after cleaning it all I pulled the CPU to find paste in amongst the sides of the 1155 pins. I sat with alcohol (for the board, not me) and used a tiny box cutter knife to scrape in amongst the pins to insure there was no contact between the pins. I bet I spent a good hour doing this but in the end everything worked. On a final note I installed the cooler with a pea sized dob of paste then proceeded to find the alcohol for me.  

 kepp it up!



just my advice, you don't have to follow it. No, seriously, some useful information there.



:S indeed my thermal paste was about 9 months old and artic silver 5  who knew that it would be so damn sticky when not heated to 50c


What if its Sitting in a Plastic Square bracket that goes up along the sides of it. Cant Twist then now can ya lol