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CPU Requirements for high FPS Gaming?


Not 100% serious: You may have noticed your ears are a lot closer to your brain than your hands. Additionally, our hearing has evolved to distinguish direction from wich sound originates making super-fast reaction mandatory.
Audio is the only thing in humans (and other mammals) that is fast.

How fast nerves are:


Before these 3 are done, your nerves will not be able to conduct a “new” pulse. 0.5ms lost to physics and chemistry.

You got about 12ms “lag” between your brain fireing and your muscles to start moving (assuming 1 meter/3ft long arms). The feedback of your muscles to start moving then takes between 30 and 80ms to get back to your brain to adjust how far the muscles contracted.

Benchmark yourself:



A 2700X does not boost that high really.
4.2Ghz is like the best you will see on all 8 cores.
Ryzen currently isnt great at overclocking yet.
What the next Ryzen 3000 lineup will bring us is yet to be seen.
Some numbers have been shown at computex which did look promissing.
But still the 9900K and 9700K are still the fastest desktop cpu´s core for core today.
They could normally hit 4.8Ghz to 5.0Ghz without much problems.
However with overclocking nothing is really guaranteed.

“if” the 9900K or 9700K are really needed for high fps gaming,
that really depends on the games you play,
and how you play them really.
But more importantly the gpu you use.



Your are on the right train of knowledge.

Again Solid.

Now well for gaming just get intel now if you can clock it at 5ghz with a good air cooler. It the premium gaming CPU. Ryzen 2700X will not be better.

Now with Zen2 and the 3xxx series AMD chips. Well is all shit shows and mirrors until the chips get independent reviews gaming wise.

AMD have released FUCKING nothing technical at this point in time. So as it stands Intel at 5GHz is where it is at gaming wise.

Considering 7.7.2019 is 3 weeks away. Well wait and see how game testing goes on the new Ryzen chips.

AMD has never targeted gaming and the Ryzen 1xxx, 2xxx and 3xxx? have always been cheaper and better overall CPU for productivity and gaming.

If your video card is going to remain a 1070ti both a new intel and AMD CPU will most like be able to keep up.

When it comes to high FPS gaming. Some want all the flashy effects like smoke and wavy grass etc. Others want a competitive advantage so now grass or smoke are off on lower graphic settings by choice because it is all about the ms twitch reaction to kill another player other than how the game looks.