CPU Repair Service?

I have a 3900X that I don’t want to replace. I could rma it as it fell off the waterblock it was cooled by, but IDK if that still applies to their RMA program or not.

Are there CPU repair services? I really don’t want to buy another CPU.

I think the best bet would be either find a local guy who would be willing to do it and may cost a fee to inspect the chip + fix it. Or if you want you could always try fix it yourself or have a friend do it as its not all too hard if its some bent pins and takes an hour or two todo.

The secret to repairing bent pins is a mechanical pencil. Ideally one of those zebra ones with the steel tube end.

If any pins break off, before you do anything check the datasheet for the AM4 socket and see what it did. If it’s a power, ground or n/c pin you don’t need to replace it. If you get stuck just post a good picture here and I can help you figure it out.


If its bent pins, I’d fix it yourself. If its something else, I doubt it’s really repairable.


some are bent, some are off

So I could have sworn I saw a video covering broken pin repair, and it was too much for me, for sure. Rossmann might be willing to do it? But I’m not sure how best to ship it.

With missing pins It’s a difficult repair for sure.

The most important thing with missing pins is making sure that the pads aren’t missing as well. If that’s the case then you’re done if that pin is critical.

The best way to ship a CPU is jammed into a piece of foam and taped.

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