CPU overheating

hi guys,
so a couple of days ago my computers PSU practically blew up and the computer would not start, so i went and bought 500W thermaltake PSU (same as the one before) and also bought a new CPU (ASUS GEFORCE GTX 950) and it is back up and running, only problem is that my CPU is averaging 60 degrees (C) and whilst just watching a youtube video it is at 98 degrees, really unsure on what to do
my CPU is a - intel i7-2600k
if you could help that would be great!

Try cleaning off then reapplying thermal paste, dry thermal paste made my cpu nearly fry.

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yeah that was my next move, anything else it could be though if that doesn't work?

Do you have another CPU on hand? You could try it in your MB and find out if the problem is with your heatsink/MB or the CPU itself

sadly i do not have a spare


Are you sure your heatsink is screwed down properly? And making proper contact with the CPU

im not too good with this sort of stuff, when it comes to it im slowly learning as i go, but i would presume it was on properly

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I have no other idea what it could be... Try buying a cheap aftermarket cooler I guess

the cpu is coming up to being 4 years old in april and i have never changed the thermal paste

Sounds like it is the thermal paste then

could it be damaged since the psu pretty much blew up? because i didnt have an issue before this occurred

When you were taking out the broken PSU, did you move any of the other components?

ALSO are all your fans spinning properly? You could have blown the fan pins...

i was moving the tower around quite a bit, but im pretty sure i didnt bump anything

as far as i know they are, is there anyway to know if they have?

Frankly i would just try taking off the heatsink and then putting it back on, thats solved a problem I had once.

Apart from that.. Wait till your new thermal paste arrives

thanks for your help mate! appreciate it

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Its k <3 <3 <3
When you solve it, hit me a PM, Im interested :3

any chance you could link a a guide to taking a heatsink off? not the best at it

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What heatsink do you have? Stock intel?

Also is this a custom built pc? Or a prebuilt?

i would assume it is

and custom built