CPU not working properly?

I recently built my new computer using a 3570k with a p8z77-v lk asus motherboard, and I am unable to access the multiplier. I can change it to a max of 34 which is the default. I used to have access to it i got it running up to 4.3 ghz at 1.2v(not offset). I'm just wondering if I may have broken my new cpu or mobo. I'm not sure

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Try updating the BIOS?

tried it. nothing worked even software overclocking doesn't get me any new options.

Should i get a new cpu since this K sku is not acting as a K sku.

if the CPU is otherwise running fine id say just keep it and use it because returning a CPU is dicey some places won't even allow it and they definaltey don't cross ship so you'd be waiting for at least a week if not longer with no CPU and then possibly find out it was your motherboard to begin with or something else...overclocking is overrated anyway imo..put it to stock and play your games and be happy :)

I got it from microcenter. so there's no waiting. Also I'm playing ps2 games with this if it's not stock then they are unplayable. So i do need to overclock. Should I ask them?

that cpu will run any game ever made just fine at stock speeds

I was able to make my motherboard think i installed a new cpu. I didn't get any new options so I am going to get a new motherboard, and return this one for a refund. I will update in a week or so.

I'm getting a new motherboard because i tried using the onboard video and it refused to work

Alright I bought a new motherboard and it fixed the problem I was having I can now overclock the chip and use integrated graphics although i won't be using integrated.

Thank you for the help.