CPU Meter/Temp Reader

I want to create a simple CPU meter using something like C++ im not sure which exactly i use visual studio 2010 so where should i start C# or C++? and could some help me find a sort of dummies guide to doing this google is only retrning youtube results with how to download them i want to make my own little one to use... if someone could set me on the right track it would be much appreciated!

There is a descent YT tutorial in C#.
It seem to be what you were looking for.

For learning go with something simple and understand the code and how to make a program, go to local library and see if they have C++ or C# books.

Why should he go to a library to learn code? There are a lot of resources out there to learn coding on your own computer for free. If you link Barnacules Videos anyway, why not link his first one as well, so he can start learning.

As for Temperature-readouts it might be a little more hard, if I recall correctly. Try googling & reusing someone else's code :P
Always worked for me :D

@LAJW: I never said books were unnecesarty, or a bad learning source. It's just a bad point to start from. Try learning some language to actually use first. The worst thing that can happen to a free-time coder is demotivation, which you gain incredibly fast if you get bored by learning how to optimize the most simple things, since it leads to (almost) no visible efects. As a beginner in coding, you usually want to actually code something. And you can, if you google your stuff together! (This of course has limits, and you should always try to understand code you copy first anyway). Once you are familiar with the language you're using, you usually become intrested in optimizing your programms by yourself, and then you should get a book, and learn about Garbage collection, all the details of your compiler(If any), Memory management, etc.