Cpu installation problem

Hey guys a friend of mine just got all of his parts in the mail, this is his first build she he did not know much. Well without confirmation from me he got himself a bundle deal from newegg, in this he got himself a AMD 8320 and a Biostar TA970. Well he tried to install the cpu and could not seem to get installed, so he asked me to help him get it built. Well I just tried to install the CPU and for some reason some of the pins will not go inside their correct sockets. It looks like the holes on the corner adjacent to the right of the arrow are either too narrow or shallow. I cannot tell what is wrong but the CPU with stay tilted with some of the pins inside, I have tried tilting other directions and other corners except the one wit a problem are inserting. Im thinking it is a manufacturing error on the boards, because after inspection of the pins I cannot find any bent . What do you guys say from this.

make sure to line up the little triangles on the cpu and the mobo, the mobo you mentioned should accept the 8320. 

it doesn't take much bending to get the cpu to not fit in the socket. If you have another am3+ board around try to install the cpu into it, if that doesn't/does work you could try to rma the mobo or the cpu (or both).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=W4Js2A1qdB8#t=225 here's Logan installing a few cpu's.


The CPU installation should pretty much be:

Lift the lever fully open.

Drop CPU, matching triangle on CPU with triangle on socket.

Push lever closed.

Dropping the CPU into the socket should require no pressure.

I know teh normal rules of installisation...but the cpu is just not going in, I line everything up yet one corner is not going in.....ive done several builds and never seen this b4.

Here's the truth sorry