CPU identification

So I came across some old severs that sadly, were pretty beat up and missing things like expansion slots to make them useful for my use case. I took out the CPUs figuring maybe someone on here would be interested in buying them, but I am not sure exactly what models these are. There are four Xeons marked 2001 and two Itanium 2 Marked 2003 @ 1.6 Ghz. I am unaware of the exact models to know the bus speed, cache, ect. Pictures are here

put them back in boot to linux and run 'lscpu' post the results for each

I would need some HHDs with whatever enterprise connectors these have to do that. The drives had clearance levels higher then mine and were taken out and destroyed along with the memory. They took the expansion slots with the drive since to my knowledge thats where they had raid controller

You don't need a hard drive to boot into linux.

Then what am I using? These boards are not capable of USB boot. Also they need memory. I'm not sure why they wouldn't give me the memory

cd drive then
network boot
there has to be a way to install the original os.

Network book may be an option. CD drive is a connector that I do not have an adapter for. If I had some ddr2 I may try something, but I don't. I've got more modern gear. Everything older I own is in a different part of the country otherwise, yes I would identify them through the BIOS. Wouldn't even need a OS to get what I need.

These are the Xeons http://ark.intel.com/m/products/27275/Intel-Xeon-Processor-2_80-GHz-512K-Cache-533-MHz-FSB

And these are the itaniums if I'm reading the number correctly

Thank you. That looks accurate looking at the rest of what I have. Really makes me appreciate the markings on all modern CPUs.

Actually the one issue is release date. That link it dated for 2003 and these Xeons are marked 2001. What I have may be less powerful. Single core still.

Just Google that number/letter combo before it says where it was made (in thIs case the part before Costa Rica and Malay) and you can the model.

Yea, those are defiantly the Itaniums.

Yea, I see that now. I had not realized that was the model number on these. Thank you

No worries.

Actually, This confuses me. Everything for the xeons points to them being released in 2003 yet they are marked 2001.
http://www.cpu-world.com/sspec/SL/SL8CV.html < Available starting 2003 and Intel Ark agrees.

The architecture/design they are built on may be from 2001, but they are 2003 series CPUs. Just like how the i7-5960X says 2012 on the IHS, despite it being released in 2014.

Also, here is the Intel Design Guide for Socket 603.

Edit: Wow, Intel provides the reflow pattern for doing a full package reflow on the contacts inside the socket. That's actually pretty cool.

Ah, yea, that makes more sense. They are socket 604 by the way. Now on the Itaniums, looking more into things, They are marked 2003 but released 2005. Same thing there I suppose.

Yes I'm a dipshit. I didn't look closely enough and just instantly thought "Oh, 2800DP works in socket 603, that must be what they are."