Cpu ideas at 45c

so i have a new cooler on my 8350, i've had it for 2 weeks now. worked great at first but now my cpu seems to be running to hot for my lucky. it ideas at 38c - 45c while watching a stream. the cooler is the seidon 120m. any help is welcome.

Did you account for ambient temperatures? Did you also make sure all your fans are still working properly?

 Might need to reset it with fresh tim. First i would check and see if its shifted or has a little play in your mount. Sometimes you can get by with tighting up your mounting because after a little while they sometimes loosen up due to vibrations from the pump itself.

the ambient temperatures in my room is about 20-25 and all the fans are working fine

that's what i was going to do in the morning. but i don't think it could be that.

First, the term is idle.  If you're idle, you're doing nothing.  If you're watching a stream, you're not idling.  To get a better idea of how the cooler is performing, you should actually measure it while idling, and then again while doing something more demanding.  Something like playing games, running Prime95, etc.  Get temps at those two extremes and report back here.  Also take into consideration the things Striezel and Freaksmacker mention.  Little things can make a big difference.

when idea's it's only 2c lower. i'm watching 2 streams at the moment and it's at 35c. i may just go back to my hyper 212 evo. the temps seem to be way more stable with that cooler 

Thats not terrible temps by any means. I would check out your gaming loads look like before worrying to much.

the cooler seems to be good. i'm running prime95 and watching a video, while doing a few other thing and the temps is not going higher then 53c - 55c 

ya, thats not to bad. Are you using stock fans? If so get a better set of sp rated fans . That should help your thermals some.

yeah i'm using the stock fan as a pull. i may add my old hyper 212 fan and have it as a push pull. hope that hill help for now. till i can get a few corsair or natctowa fans 

You're cpu temp is completely fine, normal in fact, i'm typing this and watching youtube and i'm at 45c

that puts me a little more at rest. it's my first colsed loop cool and amd cpu. i'm to use to intel and air cooling.

Yes what Beheeemoth said is fine. I just checked my 8350 rig, it's at 4.8ghz with a h100i with x4 NF F12s in push/pull. It idles at about 40c, but under full load it only goes to about 56c (under prime 95). Idle temps don't matter really much at all, only load matters :D Your ok ! If your cpu idled at 50c but only went to 55c under load, IMO you would still be ok :)

amd doesn't use temp sensors, and their algorithm for calculation temperature is wildly inaccurate when at idle

i guess the cooler is doing it's job. i've been running prime 95 almost for a hour has not gone over 54c

Oh heck yes, your doing better than mine h100i!!!!!

it seem like that. but i'm also running at stock speeds