Cpu help

I am building a computer for gaming and video editing. With some game deving mixed in(im learning how to code). I was looking at the i5 2500k. But after looking around would i just be better with some amd cpu. There cheaper and have the same amouont of cores. Now this is my 1st build and i am a nood. are there benefits to the i5 besides the over clocking? Or would i be fine with a amd and saving some cash to get a 1440 display


other parts of my build

once i pick my cpu i will pick my mobo

550 ti

8gb of kingston hyper x ram

ocz soild 3 60gb for boot

samsung spintpoint 1tb


any other input will be thanked 



Hmm sure amd cpu's are cheaper but i your doing it for a 1440p monitor i would say dont! The 550ti aint gonna be able to run very much on that kind of res at all =/ also intel cpu's are better core per core performance anyway my man.

Hope this helps make your mind up ^.^

I think he means 1440x900 not 1440p, big difference, thats kinda low res a 550ti will be able to max out almost everything at that res

Cores and clocks are far from the full story, the SB architecture is faster at slower clock speeds with less cores. Stick with the 2500k.

I'd go for a 1980x1200 (24") monitor. As for the CPU... idk. Intel is the hot product, and AMD are for cheapoes and weirdoes (so to speak). I don't know how AMD performs in coding and such, but from what I hear AMD FX-users are happy with their setups... at least they're not complaining.

It's too easy for people to say "Go Intel" because they are good at everything. I'm personally having a hard time finding a reason for me to go with AMD Bulldozer. I'm sure Bulldozer is good at something, exept for being cheaper than Intel. Maybe someone can tell me because I don't know.

I mean a 2560x1440 monitor. I look around and it said the 550 would handle that red. The Res is more for video editing and my dev work for more screen space. If I had to turn out down a bit for games that would be fine. 

But from the sounds of it I should stick with the i5

they aren't great for games at least, at stock clocks a G850 is as fast or faster than a FX8150, not even kidding


also this is a 8150 against a i5 2400 both cost the same but intel beats in everything except AES I think with a portion of the power consumption


I stand corrected, just never heard people call them 1440 monitors, I usually hear them by the full res spec, sorry, if you edit videos then I reccomend a Ivy bridge CPU if you're not going to overclock, a 3570 or a 3770, they don't have to be the K version since you're not going to overclock

550Ti will be fine until you hop onto games xD

550ti will never game at that res, it will run the aero desktop at 60fps fine but games will murder it. To give you an idea at 2560x1600 in BF3 with high details you will need sli 580s to stay close to 60 fps.

I guess i will just have to use a 1080 screen for now i wouldnt be able to afford the type of card to run that screen 

550Ti will still not be great in 1080. I would reach out for at least a 6870 if possible.