CPU help pls

Hi you guys, I'm currently on the fence about purchasing a i7 4790k, its on sale but the thing is it's giving me the choice of accepting their terms and conditions about defective CPU's; and the thing is I'm buying my parts when their on sale or if I have the money to buy a part. Currently I only have the case and the power supply and if this CPU is not working properly I wouldn't be able to know whether its working or not, because I don't yet have all the components to build my computer and test it, or another computer test it on; so I was wondering if anybody knew how to tell if the CPU is not working without having it plugged into the mobo and testing it.Thank you.

For the consumer pretty much the only way to test if a CPU works is to stick it in a motherboard and see.

Having said that, CPUs being DOA are pretty rare. I honestly don't remember the last time I heard of a CPU being DOA.

Thank you for telling me that. I didn't know that they were rare to be DOA. I thought it was pretty common. I'm going back to the site to buy it, thank you.

a non related question, do you know how to wipe a hdd, like erasing all the data in it so you can use it again.

If it's your main HDD, you can reformat it when you install an OS. If it's a secondary HDD, you can do that in "My Computer."

i would like to use it as my main in till I can purchase an SSD and a 2t HDD, and would I have reinstall everything from that small HDD to my SSD?