CPU Heat Issue

I'm not sure if this is an issue with my heatsink or my cpu, but it's getting really hot.
Running an AMD Athlon X2 7750 BE @ 2.7GHz on the stock cooler

Now, here's what I find weird:
CPU Idle temp: 47°C
CPU Load temp: 60°C

CPU Core 1 & 2 Idle temps: 27°C
CPU Core 1 & 2 Load temps: 40°C

Aren't the core temperatures usually supposed to be higher than the CPU? Â I find it weird that my processor appears to be overheating, when in reality the cores are running rather cool.
What's going on?

The CPU isnt neccasarily always cooler than the cores. Also 60C load temps are really nothing to worry about, but if it going that high makes you uncomfortable i would suggest just getting a decent cooler(theres no excuse to be using a stock cooler)

Probably just messed up sensors.. Not sure how amd is @ that front, but the Intel core 2 45nm's were all fucked up sensors.. xp

yeah, probably a messed up sensor in there. even if it werent, 60C load really isnt THAT bad, for stock cooling at least

So, can you try to read it with the sensors swapped? I'm guessing there was a mix up with it.