CPU GPU pairing opinions

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Ima thinking of building a new PC. I'm stuck in getting the CPU/GPU pairing right. I have 2 options: i5 3350P/nVidia 660 (MSI Twin Frozr) or i3 3220/AMD 7870 Tahiti LE (Powercolour).

Just wanted to know what you guys think.



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When you decide on comp parts, a question that should come to mind is: 'What am I going to do with that pc when it's built?"

Once that question is answered, you start to pick appropriate parts for the job, so what are you going to do with it?

Gaming obviously. Isn't that the standard answer with most builds ;)

A bit more specific... D3, GW2, BF3, DayZ, Arma3 (Low/Medium with these parts) @ 1080P 

You cant get your hands on an FX 6300 ?

You mean drop the i5 to an FX6300?

I suppose I could... But I'm not sure if the 6300 is THAT much better than the i3 to go up to it. I would have about £40 change from £600 if I went with the i3 setup whereas the i5 setup would cost the full £600

No, he meant switch the i3 to the FX 6300. They are probably about the same price, and AMD does tend to work somewhat better with itself. I would like to have a FX 6300 with a Powercolor PCS+ Radeon HD 7870 (Tahiti) as that setup is considerably more powerful in gaming tests than an i3 with the same setup, or the i3 with the 660Ti

Hmmm I'll have a look around. And I'll come back in a bit...

Going with the 6300 and an overclockable board (Gigabyte 970A UD3) I come to a figure of £588. I would need to buy a cooler as well but i suppose I could leave off overclocking until a later date...

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glad you've made your choice, if you want a cheap cooler, everyone says the hyper 212 evo or the nzxt respire t40

Haven't quite made up my mind yet... I was just saying that 'If I were to go with...'. Thanks for the tip anyway :)

AMD FX 6300 costs just 10$ more than i3 3220 but it beats it, has 6 compared to 2 core's  and 2 virtual ones...!

http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i3-3220-vs-AMD-FX-6300 - FX 6300 is the way to go, it spends twice as much as i3 3220 but it has 6 core's !!

I'm still not 100%. Another factor to figure in is that when I have a few more pounds lying around I might want to step up to one of Intel's more prestigous stock... If I go with AMD then I'll be locked into stepping up to something on par with a 3570K (which I suppose isn't such a bad thing). Unless AMD make some serious headway in the future...

Anyway. I feel we are starting to get away from the point at hand here. NOt only are we comparing CPUs but also the GPUs too. How does the 7870 Tahiti LE compare with the 660? Obviously it is the better card but by how much?


PS sorry for clogging up the post... I am quite a 'type on the fly' kinda guy. Whatever pops into my head finds its way onto the screen.

i3 is out of the picture, its cool for surfing websites, but was it~!

the FX6300 is much better and faster then the i3, and it also better and faster then the i5-3570.

so ofcourse the amd is the best way to go here.

the FX-6300 is competentive with the i5-3570K and  it get the same fps in the game battlefield 3 on ultra, as the i7 3770K i posted a movie about somewhere before.

so yes for gaming you deffantely better with the FX6300 the i3 is useless, and the i5-3570 also not the best choice.

about gpu, i dont know much about about nvidia cards, but i readed somewhere the a 7870 is better then a  GTX660

Grab the 3570K with the AMD Radeon 7870 XT (LE)

Best of both worlds with none of the drawbacks.

The only game AMD keep up is BF3...

It makes use of more threads, but for games needing only 2 or 3 cores, or even 4... intel will pull ahead due to it's superior IPC.

thats also a good option, but the i5 3570k is more expensive then the FX6300, and for gaming, i dont think it wil perform much slower then the i5,

maybe something for Logan wenn he reads this, im a bit currios, for a gaming benchmark battle between a 3570k and a FX6300 with diffrent games! i saw Battlefield 3 on ultra, on a FX6100 getting exact the same scores at the same spots in a game, as the i7-3770k