CPU GPU Motherboard

I plan on playing Battlefield 3 multiplayer, 720p medium/low settings no AA, no overclocking.

Im new to this, if it were a Intel build it would be easier for me but im going for AMD CPU/Mobo

My question is what Motherboard and GPU would be compatible with this CPU


AMD Phenom II x4 965



Link to amazon please

budget $200



you have a budget of 200 for the motherboard alone and you're getting a amd chip for gaming? you do know that you can get a ivy setup that will perform BETTER for the SAME price right

200 for mobo and gpu.

for intel i was thinking


i3 2100

Gigabyte GA-h61m-ds2 micro atx

radeon 7750

and for amd


pheom ii x4 965 black edition

asus m5a97 atx

radeon 7750


wouldn't bf3 benefit from the quad core?

My total budget is $425 (amazon) consisting of CPU,Mobo,GPU,Case,Power supply and RAM. If you want i can link you to the amazon wish list i made (w/help of a friend) with the AMD build all under $425.