CPU for Photoshop and Acroboat content creators?

I am looking into putting together a rig for a friend who does a lot of work in photoshop and some in other Adobe programs such as Acrobat and Illustrator. Would anything AMD make sense for those applications, or is Intel the way to go here? IT is somewhat difficult to find benchmarks about this and I have seen some which give different results. TomsHardware charts show the 6800k being a strong choice for Photoshop. It is hard to get confirmation on that though.

Any modern Intel quad core will be a good choice. Intel will do better on performance and run cooler while costing slightly more than the AMD equivalent. Cheap fast good, pick two.

Regarding graphics design, an IPS panel should be a required component. If you have to do AMD to afford the IPS panel, that is a good trade over Intel with a subpar display.