CPU for GF's rig

so im helping build my girlfriend a computer for her day to day use.  and im stuck on the age old CPU question of AMD vs Intel. personally i prefer intel CPUs because thats what ive used in building rigs before and thats what i have in mine. BUT with mine there was no budget. so my options are the intel i3 - 3225 or the AMD FX-820. 

shes going to use it to....

1. play minecraft, SIMs 3, SIm city, Portal 2 and other games along those lines (nothing too tough)

2. do school work and...well the basics

so a few friends are saying get the AMD cause well....8 cores. but 8 cores for minecraft and the sims seems like an idiotic amount of overkill. also the rig will be using on board graphics (at least for a while) and i hear intels chip has Decent enough built in graphics. 

whats your opiniong guys (and possibly gals)

ummm. fx has no graphics. that is the apu line.

and intel hd is the shittiest graphics pross made....

amd apu is what ur looking for.... A10-5800k, fm-2 socket. amd puts real gpu's in their apu's. your freinds are really pretty dumb if they think intel cpu's have good graphics


500 bucks. I would add some more case fans (AF120's like 2 for intake)

A10 sounds perfect then. I've used an A8 and they're actually pretty impressive, ran all those games flawless and more intense games like Cs;go and DayZ fine too.

So the A10 is definitely pretty nice.  

From what your friends are saying, please do not listen to them at all. People tend to hear things and just assume the things they heard go for everything and that they're computer masters. 

Why in the world would you spend an extra $15 on an inferior A10-5700 over the A10-5800K?


Get a better mobo, if you wanna touch OCing you're gonna want it.


You also don't need that beastly of a cooler on it, could jump down to its little brothers and save about $10 on it. Use that to up your case to one with USB 3.0 headers.

Woops, just made an error. my bad

now your putting words in peoples mouths no one siad intel was good graphics and they make amazing CPUs. what i said was the onboard graphics is enough to run minecraft and sims 3. which it is. my grandmothers old Dell from 7 or 8 years ago running on an old intel celeron D and on board graphics can run both those games at like 25FPS. 

my major concern isnt if the A10s graphics are any good its if shes better off just getting the intel and at a later date picking up a decent graphics card. 

thanks for the info and i was wondering what mobo to go with but this isnt a gaming rig. its somthing for my GF to do school work on and play minecraft and sims 3 when she has spare time. if i have to OC the comp to play those then im just better off buying a new computer.

....i really wanted to point out that $500 for a computer that meets the bare minimum specs for sims 3 and minecraft...but i happen to have a spare 212 evo laying around... and a corsair 430watt PSU and a case..(although id  get her a new one since shes going to be putting this together herself.) the price on this is severly decreased.

Im confused about what you are saying? this will play alot more then just those games on minimum.

which is wonderful and all but she wont be playing other games. she doesent particularly like computer games very often. both her brother and i hae always had gaming rigs and offered to let her play on them but she just refuses. I dont mind it playing other games i just dont want to blow $500 on a computer for it to do somthing a $350 computer will do just fine.