CPU for Dual Gaming with one PC

Yes he did. However I had done this with Softxpand about a year before linus had his video up, and now im looking to do it with Aster. There's programs which make it easier but im not worried about setup. Im worried about performance.

Yes, the computer would do two completely different things. it would be able to play one game on one setup, and another instance of the game on a different environment all on one cpu and gfx card.

My two cents.

I haven't used those application but I used thin clients for home scenario and don't recommend it.

  • For a office with dozens of posts it might save costs have a multiseat pc, but for 2 people it usually that is not the case. Given that if for gaming you need to buy a more powerful so that both you and gf have a decent gaming experience and depending on the game and settings that you choose (assuming very high settings) it might be necessary to buy a really high end pc.

  • Your are introducing single point of failure, if something happens to that pc (virus, hardware fail, etc), even if temporary, both of you will not have any pc. On small office that I worked I replaced thin client by pc because of this and reused the thin clients on temporary/expendable posts.

an 8 core set-up would be the best option but an i7 quadcore will run most games fine. a hypertheraded dual core is the minumum you need to get full performance out of even the highest-end gpu.

also I don't think sharing a single 1070 with a VM is possible if that's what your planing on doing. last I checked only intel iris pro gpu's can currently do that.

OP, you could get the HAF Stacker, which you could build 2 computers into one case. And I know there is another case that has a motherboard tray on both sides, allowing for two computer builds inside(if someone wants to help with the name)

Only problem here would be the amount of strain/stress on the system depending on the level of cpu and gpu, never mind the rest of the stuff.

I would say a quad core hyper threading ie i7 would be fine. You would need to have a lot of ram so 16G min and a pretty good graphics card to run say 2 x 1080p games.
It will be very dependant on the games you and your girl play. Stuff like WoW is a walk in the park for a GPU and would be fine.
I had never even heard of Aster but I checked out their site. At least it a free trial to test it out. I would give it a shot myself in your position. Cant hurt

A good CPU is probably the main concern, with GPUs I think you can get away with two mid-range (RX480 or 1060). You can get cheap Zeons but the mobo will be expensive unless you know where to look or just look hard enough.

I'll report my findings after the trial. hopefully this weekend