CPU for Dual Gaming with one PC

I am looking to do one gaming rig for my girlfriend and myself. I am looking to run Aster on it as Softxpand is not compatible with Windows 10. I'm not sure if an i5 6600K will be enough to run this setup or if I should go with the i7 6700K. I have done this with an i7 3770K. It seemed to work well but I didn't do much stress testing as I didn't have a great gfx card for this.

Anyone have any experience with these types of setups?

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Just build 2 PCs



I knew it! 760 Tis do exist!

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dont pay 250 for a 2011 motherboard you can get really cool ones under 100 from like asrock and gigabyte

id get a bit better gpu thooo. radeon 470 would be beautiful, something with a good bit of vram probably would help a little. that's a cool concept though man, might look into the same.

what all games can you playthat way?

This would be good advice except for the fact that he is looking for and E5-2680 V1 That is not compatible with 2011V3 sockets (like you suggested) He would need a motherboard that supports FCLGA2011 socket which is a X79 socket. The motherboard you listed is socket FCLGA2011-3

Why would you go 2011 with x99 over 1151 z170? And no, I'm not doing old gfx cards, I already have twin HD7850's. I will get a 1070

I was actually looking at this one, GA-Z170X-Desi​gnare. I love having either a dual bios or bios flashback offered by asus. I also wanted to go for the pretty colors and wanted to throw in as many usb 3.0/3.1 ports as possible while maintaining the 7.1 onboard sound card.

My girl only plays games when shes with me so I don't want a computer sitting idle for 3 months at a time.

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So just give that rig an i3 6100 and some entry level card, or just an really cheap APU something, maybe even a 5350 + Entry level card

Of course it will, you don't need a i7 for gaming. Any modern quad core i5 will do, but the video card you have should be replaced by something better.

Yep, but I'll advise you to not to get overpriced motherboards, 200$ max!

What on earth are you talking about. Read the beginning post again.

This is dual computer gaming. Not just single games, that means the cpu will be shared by one full computer and another virtual, both for gaming.

Well like i said, Ive done it before with my 3770 but I didn't stress test. I guess i may have to but i'll get the program and stress it or search for videos. I was having a hard time last night finding some information.

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it isn't worth the time pain or effort to use a set up like this

Now I see why you want an i7

So you mean the computer will do two different things at the same time? Okaaay

Dual setup on a single system can be a hassle. First, you have to setup virtual machines and in can, or will, take considerable amount of time depending on your level of knowledge setting up virtual machines. Second, you have to have a powerful hardware to push your dual gaming on one CPU (and I'm talking probably SLI/Crossfire setup), meaning it'll probably be expensive. On the flip side it can save you a lot of real estate gaming on just one system.

Linus did a similar thing on his channel.