CPU Fans

Hey everyone

I have a FX-8350 in my build and am using a Corsair H80i to cool it. I never really liked the fans as I found them loud and I wanted to get some blue LED fans to match my theme as I am into that kind flashy stuff. So I bought two Thermaltake Luna 12 fans. Now after I got them I started to do some reasearch which I probably should have done before. I guess CPU fans are PWM fans and are 4 pin while these are just 3 pin case fans I bought. So they only spin at 1300rpm while PWM will go hire which is good for CPUs. Know my temps seem to be okay still. Sitting on the desktop my CPU is at 30C running at 4.3ghz and in gaming it will go no higher then 55c (Although Theif makes it go to 63c!) 

So my question is. is it bad to use normal case fans on the CPU or should I get some 4-pin PWM fans for it? 



No it is not "bad" to use a case fan and I'm fairly sure Corsair Link is able to do DC control with the included fan splitter that came with it.

BTW I also use a H80i, but on a 8320

Corsair link never works for me anymore. It shows all my stuff but when you adjust somthing it doesn't change at all. Kinda annoying. 

Btw. Nice compound in your profile pic. I myself have the Diamond Carbon Cure. Fantastic bow only 3lbs