CPU Fan/Heatsink Stopped Spinning

My PC has been having a restarting problem while playing games, but about a week ago, my PC reset as usual, and it had a burning smell to it. I noticed when I tried to turn it back on, the CPU fan was not spinning, and there is no display on the monitor. I've read that some motherboards won't start boot up if the CPU fan is not spinning. I took out the CPU and it appears to be fine. (not melted or anything) Is my CPU fan just broken/dead? Should I just get another CPU fan? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

A Silly Llama

PC fan stops, CPU overheats, Burns something.

The PC wont stop turning on, from there being no fan, in most cases. Just because it physically looks fine, doesnt mean it is.

Try replacing the fan, if it still doesnt come on, then you fried it.

or the motherboard is fried, we realy need more information, what are your system specs?

there are more fan headers on the motherboard, like the chasis fan header, you could allways try to connect the cpu fan to that header.

Very true. The VRMs or the socket could have burned, as well.

I forgot to mention that the PC turns on... It lights up and the GPU fan spins and everything. The CPU fan is the only thing not spinning. Thanks.

yes the vrm´s and the mosfets is something i personaly think of burned out, especialy with smell.


Windows 8 OS


PowerColor Radeon HD 6870

AMD FX-6300 6 core

500w PSU

Gigabyte AM3+ motherboard

Stock/Default CPU fan/heatsink

Oh, and 8GB RAM

are there any other fans spinning? like the GPU fan ?

Yes. The side, rear, and front fans are spinning

okay just to make sure the psu is fine.

did you allready tried a diffrent fan header on the motherboard, there should be a couple of them.

any leds on the motherboard? i know its a gigabyte board but still not know the model ☺

No, I havent tried that yet. I won't be able to test that right now, I can try it tomorrow though.

well offcourse i hope for you that its just the fan that died, but i dont think a dying fan stinks badly, so im realy affraid that your  mosfets vrm´s are burned out :(

:( Well Thanks for the help!

what you could try tomorrow, is taking the board out of the case, lay it on its box, install the cpu cpu fan try a diffrent fan header.. install 1 stick of ram, and your gpu. connect the 24 pin atx power connector, and the 8 pin or 4 pin cpu power connector, and try to fire it up outside the case by shorting the power switch header for a second.., maybe a screw is causing short cirquits..

also look at the back of the motherboard on the  vrm´s area, if you see any burning spots.. or arround the cpu socket.

p.s im keep saying im not a big fan of Gigabyte am3+ boards in general!

Hey which gigabyte motherboard? Also do you have any overclocks on the Cpu?

Check for blown electrolytic caps too.......from the description it sounds like something has blown and let the magic blue smoke out! 

The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2. I don't know is there are any overclocks because I bought the PC pre-built, but I have seen it at 3.7GHz in the task manager when it says its a 3.5GHz. 

I checked all the caps, look good! thanks for the help!

Here is the motherboard I have in my PC.