CPU Fan Error?

Recently I had a CPU Fan Error.

The way this happen was, while I was playing The Sims 3 I moved my Tower a bit by accident since it's close to my legs, so then when I moved it I heard this kind of metal scratching with metal noise, so then I move it a bit more to find out what that noise was, then I hit the top of the Towers fans and when I hit them a bunch of dust blew off when I hit it, so I kept hitting them a bit more so the dust can be blown off, afterwards my fans just stop working all of a sudden, I then just saved and exit The sims 3 and quickly turned off my PC, and afterwards I turned it on again hoping the fans will work again as I turn on my PC again I get this CPU Fan Error pop up just likr when I first booted my PC, so afterwards I press F1 to check what was wrong, I open my BIOS, next to the CPU Fan title it said N/A. I only checked my CPU Cooler connectors if they were connected together and they were, nothing was wrong and everything was connected right, or that's what I think since it's dark right now and the light in my room is pretty shitty.

My CPU Cooler is a Kraken X60, Motherboard is a Sabertooth 990X, and my Tower is the Fractial XL Design, the XL Design that Logan did a review on, the one that had the removable HDD stands.

Also after I exit my Bios menu Windows starts to run and it takes me to the Log In Menu so I doubt my Motherboard is dead.

May you please Help Me

First things first, is your CPU fan actually running? Open your case while you boot it and make sure it is. Even if you can get to the windows login screen, if your CPU fan is not working that just means your heatsink is absorbing the heat from the CPU with no way to release it, and it will eventually overheat the CPU so much that the PC will shut itself down immediately. How about your other fans? Are all the fans actually running?

The mention of dust raises some questions. When was the last time you cleaned out your PC? I doubt this is the issue but I have seen some CPU fan errors caused by dust physically blocking a fan from spinning.

If all else checks in, reconnect the CPU fan. Even if you think it's properly connected, just try unplugging and replugging it. Could be a little loose. The way the connectors are designed, there's only one way you can plug in the CPU fan normally due to plastics preventing you from putting it backwards, but double check to see that these plastics aren't broken, and you are not in fact connecting your CPU fan connector backwards (because there is no plastic there to prevent you from doing it anymore)

If still no results, and your fan IS SPINNING, try entering windows and downloading some monitoring software such as CPUID HWMonitor which give you information regarding your system fans. See if that recognizes it by any chance.

If all else fails, you could always try connecting another appropriate fan to the CPU fan slot on the motherboard. Your heatsink alone should be able to safely deal with the CPU heat in the few seconds it will take you to analyze whether you still get a CPU fan error. Quickly turn it off afterwards. If no error, try plugging the regular CPU fan back in one last time. If that doesn't work then your fan is likely defective. If you still get the error even with another fan, then that is beyond my knowledge and hopefully you can get help from someone else.

The ASUS AI Suite used to give me this error all the time on my old asus mobo (there was nuthing wrong with the fan) it just dosent like some aftermarket heatsinks/fans and gives a no cpu fan error ---you can google the error there are a lot haveing the same problem with it over all asus mobos--

But first open the side of your case and check the fans are working correctly 

had this happen once recently. turned out the cpu fan was unplugged. I ran an i7-920 at 100c for like 2-3min, the fixed it. the AI suite is pretty inaccurate. keeps telling me the northbridge is at 90c..... if your BIOS doesn't throw a cpu fan error, and HW monitor looks good, don't worry about it.

Okay thanks for the help guys, I found the problem, somehow one of the fans of the radiator got broken, and there may also be another problem where the Radiator created a hole in the middle of the raditator. I don't know if I should use my warrant or not since it's gonna be a pain in the ass to put the new one on again. If I do get a new one

Radiator? Are you referring to the heatsink?



Like these?

If so, YES! But before we jump to conclusions, perhaps you should take a photo of the damage and post it. I really don't know what exactly you mean by a hole, because heatsinks don't break so easily. It's also not likely that fan damage would make a hole in your heatsink.

So again, a clearer explanation and a photo would be very helpful, but just in general if your heatsink is damaged, you absolutely should replace  / get it repaired.

Are you using the stock cooler that come with your CPU? If so this is a good opportunity for you to upgrade to an aftermarket cooler. Hyper 212 Evo recommended as an all around cooler (assuming your case can fit it)


You mentioned 'one of the fans' is broken? Does this mean you have two fans on your heatsink? If so then it's probably safe for the very moment to keep using it with a single fan while you assess the damage to the heatsink, but watch your temperatures and make sure they are safe (maximum of around 90C on full load). However if you have NO fans on your heatsink right now, DO NOT use that PC until you take care of the fan issue at least.