CPU DOA chance

The i7 6700k has only just come into stock and if they go out of stock I don't know if they will be back before christmas. I won't be able to build my pc until christmas so I will be sitting in its packaging until I am able to build with it (today being the 12th november so just over a month).

If I buy one now while they are in stock what are the chances that it will be DOA and what can I do if it is (could i return it straight to intel)

Many thanks!

essentially zero , the chances of the package not getting there is 1,000 times greater than the cpu not actually working

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Awesome news, I went ahead and ordered one because they fly out of stock from what I have seen, Thanks for your reply

It's pretty rare for an actual cpu itself to be doa. The manufacturing tolerance on them is very high.

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Agree it's almost certainly fine!

I have never had a cpu die. When an 8086 or 286 or even a z-80 unit fails it is never the cpu. Usually it's the MB.