CPU dead?

Hi there,

first time posting here, not really a forum kind of guy but I've read quite a few posts here and you guys seem to know a lot, so to get to my Problem:

I've had some weird Problems with my PC, sometimes the just resets without warning and trys to reboot directly afterwards but resets after a second again and does that cycle until i turn of the psu.
This reset to reboot cycle only happens rarely, but when it happens it happens like once a day for a week then nothing for months. As you can imagine its quite aggregating and I would really like to fix it. To get the PC running after i turn of the psu. The only thing that seems to work is wait for like 10mins with power off then try to boot again.

What I already did:
- When in those 10mins i unplugged all the hardware connected to the mainboard except the cpu and the psu. Pc still cant boot then.
- based on that I switched out the psu cause it was a old shitty one anyways, but the problem came back after a week or so.
- now i switched the motherboard as well but it just came back.

Can it be the CPU or could another defect part trigger the reset and keep the system down for 10mins even if i unplugged it right after the crash?

Any Ideas? I've been fighting this Problem for a while now and would really like to put it to an end.

Thanks in advance

Ohh forgot my specs:
- Intel Core i7 4790k
- AMD R9 280X
- 16GB RAM
- Corsair AX860i PSU
- AsRock Z97 Extreme4

could be faulty mobo, ram, psu or hdd.

try resetting CMOS, and swap the slots that you have ram in. start with just 1 stick at a time and see if it boots normally

Have you swapped out your ram? First thing I thought was PSU, but obviously not that

Well when it was in the not booting state I once unplugged everything except the psu, mobo and cpu and it still didn't boot. Could it still hang even though the defect device wasnt plugged in anymore? will try it again anyway though.

Another Problem is that i cant test all that much cause its only happening rarely, so i wouldnt know if i fixed it or its just not happening.

Similar thing happened to me. I would get random reboots from time to time for no reason. And then one day it would just reset over and over again. I tried everything. I was scared shitless that it was the CPU. And in the end it turned out that the freakin' reset button on the case was faulty and eventually it got stuck in a loop and it would constantly reset on post :D

I hope you have the same problem. Try unplugging the reset button from the motherboard.

unfortunately i already tried that, atm I have nothing plugged in the mobo except the PSU cpu and a different video card, tried different ram as well, i guess it must be the cpu :(, never heard of a cpu only working sometimes though really weird.

That's some shitty luck. CPU's are rarely faulty.

I've had similar problem on two different computers, where the cause of the rebooting were two different things.

The first computer where I experienced it, it was caused by a faulty RAM stick, so you could try swapping them out for some new ones for a while, or remove them one by one, next the the problem occurs.

The second time I experienced, it was because of a corrupted OS, or that is at least what I concluded since a fresh install of the OS fixed the problem and I never experienced it again.

OK, I tried both my ram sticks on their own, no change I will get another one from a friend today if that one fails as well it must be the cpu right?

You might as well try reseating the CPU if you have not already but i think its unlikely to help.

Other than that it might be the graphics card. Have you tried running the PC with another card. Or just with just the integrated graphics to see if the problem persists.

Did you allready tried to take everything out of the case.
And just boot it outside the case?
You could basicly use the motherboards box to lay your motherboard on.
Maybe there could be some short cirquit comming from the case our mounting