CPU Core unlocking

Hello fellow members of TekSyndicate.com.

I have recently been browsing the interwebs and I came across several very interesting articles that say that you can unlock dormant cores in certain lines of AMD processors like the Athlon and phenom lines. And I was just wondering, if I had a high end board like the latest ROG series AM3+ boards, can I unlock the cores on that CPU and then put the CPU in another motherboard and still have the dormant cores activated in another motherboard? 


Many thanks, Hagame1015

i have an asus M5A99FX and it has an option in the bios to unlock cores. i doubt it would stay unlocked in another board.

Core unlocking is a feature of the motherboard's bios if your motherboard dosent support it,it dosent support it.

Unlocking a cpu on one mobo and changing to a differnt one whont work + core's are usually disabled because that are unstable unlocking cpu and geting it to work well is realy a shot in the dark.

Ya I had a phenom ii x2 560 black edition that I was able to unlock a 3rd core on it the 4th core was very unstable so I used it as an x3 I used an Asus board when I had that machine.

If you want to unlock the core, it has to have the option on all motherboards you put it in, if the motherboard can't unlock it, it cant have the extra core in that system.

Don't know of any recent boards that don't allow this, though. (That aren't OEM)