CPU cooling

what are good ways to cool down a cpu? im not planing on over clockin my cpu for anything so i dont need liquid cooling however i will be playing for long hrs what kind of cooling would work best for my case?

The best way to ensure adequate cooling is good case airflow. Make sure you have fresh air moving into the case from the front/side of the case and the hot air can be ejected out the back/top of the case. Try to tie down or route cables so that they don't disturb the airflow.

We could recomend a decent cheap air cooler if you tell us what case and what cpu you have. 

I have kinda the same question to i am going to build a new pc system soon and i dont know whats a good cpu cooler for it and i want to be able to play like hours on my pc (games) i am not going to overclock it. maybe in the future but not for now.

Cpu: i-7 3770k Case: Cooler Master MC 690 II Advanced.



the CM hyper 212 evo or 212+

good general-purpose heatsinks

And the CM v8 does that do the job cause i want to have me cpu realy good cool't? 

cause my pc is like standing per day maybe 8 hours on in that 8 hours he is getting used full time.

well, really, if your not oc'ing, even the stock cooler should be good enough. I have an asus at home with an i7 (first gen), and stock cooler, with only 1 case fan. never any probs with cpu heat, although my northbridge has nearly overheated a couple times, that may have been due to a cable laying on top of it

If you're looking at the V8 then take a look at the V6 GT and the TCP 812. They're both probably around the same price and perform better.