CPU cooling upgrade

Hey everyone,

So I'm traveling to Vancouver and will of course be making a stop at NCIX. I'm looking for a CPU cooling upgrade from my evo 212, and I'll be giving the evo to a second computer.

My case is the S340 which has 161 mm of CPU clearance and my motherboard is the asus z97-e full ATX. RAM is 2 sticks hyper x, so it must go in slots 1/3 or 2/4 for dual channel.

The question is, what do I upgrade to?

Here's my current system, looks are important.

Air only coolers or are you open to water (closed loop) coolers?

I'd be open to AIO, though I can't afford custom loop

If you are not going to overclock, just get Noctua U12S... Beautiful little cooler, same size as the Evo...
If you are going to overclock, Noctua D14 and you are set...

@psycho_666 Looks matter he said, and I'm not an artist but I don't think the Noctua's colors would be very nice in this system. :P

Of course I'll leave that to the OP.

If you're up for it, Corsair's AIO works really really well, I have two of them in separate systems currently. (One's a server, it was left over from a previous build. Still running great!) I don't recall the Models I'll have to check once I get off work. Plus their black so it'll match.

I've heard good things about noctua but you're right, not really my preference for looks. If I'm going with air I'm thinking the black rock would look good. The corsair AIO is a good option too, though I was worried about AIO reliability.

You know you can use your orange fans on the new cooler, right?
Check out Cryorig's stuff...

You could go for an H80i GT maybe. This way you'll have a thick radiator to put in the front, good thermal dissipation and you'll keep the air channel of fresh air for your GPU mostly intact. If you're not going for liquid cooling I'd pick a big ass air cooler, like the Noctua NH-D15 or Cryorig R1.