CPU Coolers

Greetings fellow Tek/Tech aficionados,

I'm running on a stock CPU fan from Intel, and would like to take this opportunity to discuss CPU coolers! Fans, closed loop setups, open loops, you name it.

I've heard some negative things about closed loop options, mainly that their fans are bad and that they just don't get the job done as well as a standard fan heat sink or an open loop system.


Well, closed loop coolers cool really well, it's just massive heatsinks tend to have a better value and acoustic performance while providing comparable cooling performance (Closed Loop coolers do have an edge though).

If you want the best possible cooling performance, go with a custom loop.

If you want affordable cooling performance, heatsink. If you want something that cools better than a heatsink, but can't afford a custom loop, or don't trust your components to one, then closed loop is the best bet.

Any recommendations for a closed loop system or a standard fan?

I have the Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme and does not go above 45db running Prime95 small FFTs.

The performance is quite good for me, but if you want to see for yourself : http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Cases-and-Cooling/Thermalright-Silver-Arrow-SB-E-Extreme-CPU-Cooler-Review/Cooler-Comparison


i like heatsinks because i think its cool to have this massive metal thing trying to keep your CPU from melting haha. also they look cool.

True that there are some air coolers that will out perform closed loop systems but also they tend to be just as expensive, for instance you're looking at 85 bucks for the top end Noctua and it will be just slightly better than a mid range closed loop cooler. this particular air cooler excels in noise performance due in large part to the high quality fans it comes with. if you were to replace the fans that came with the close loop system, which are usually rubbish, with fans of equal or higher quality you can usually achieve  the same acoustic performance if not quieter. Also for those high end air coolers, they tend to be very large and would require a large amount of space, limiting your case choice and some times even your ram choices. True that closed loop systems have their own space requirements (for the radiator and fan) they tend to allow for more mounting options thus case options and there are never any problems with memory heatsinks getting in the way.

I gonne get the Phanteks PH-TC14PE air cooler, reason because its big, looks nice, and its realy quiet, has the same cooling performance as the H100i. and it cost allmost the same, but the fans on the H100i are rubbish, so if you noice is an issue to you, you have to replace the fans, to SP120 quiet edtion fans or what so ever, and that also cost money. Also the pump can fail, and you have a wine noice from the air trough the vins of the rad. also the corsair link software.. will probably work great, but in my opinnion its too fancy.

I just want a good cool cpu, without any nonsense.

The Phanteks has 2x140 mmm fans you can also add an optional third one..  those fans run on 1300rpm max. big plus with those 140mm fans is that they blow alot of air at low speeds. That realy reduces the noice.

but but what color?!?

Evil red offcourse! ☺

haha sweet.

Doesn´it look sweet?  i just wanne have it! ☺

I just purchased the Noctua NH-D14.  I have noticed a 45 degree drop while streaming + gaming with it.  I am absolutely thrilled with it.


I run a Noctua NH-D14 for my fx8350 oc 4.7  its keeps it below 50c with all my editing and autocad, some 3d files over 1gb+   

the Noctua NH-D14 is also a great choice. performs about the same as the phanteks.

Damn, that's huge. It does look pretty sweet though.