Hey guys, in my new build I got the FX-8350 and the ThermalRight Silver Arrow cooler (which is a really big sob :P)

thing is, when I'm on the Desktop without having played or something before, the fans don't really spin. They just turn back and fourth a bit. And according to SpeedFan my #0 core and #1 core are at about 28°C.

Not sure what I should do. Should I trust the readed temps and the fan control?

Yup, the heatsink on the thermalright is so big that the ambient airflow in your case provides enough cooling. The fans are PWM controlled, and just spin down and stop. When you put a load on your CPU, the fans will ramp up to provide extra cooling. You can check your BIOS to see if all temps are normal and there are no fan alarms, and the fans are set to auto.

thanks, So I just used my Mobos (Gigabyte) EasyTune6 to set the minimum fan speeds, which worked. The problem was that ET6 never started before....don't know why :)

Anyways, I ramped up the minimum speeds to 50% since the summer is coming and today we had 26°C outside.

THe CPU can't get to cool, can it?