CPU-Cooler for Ryzen

So I am planning on buying a Ryzen CPU (probably the 1700X) and I need a cooler for it. I need an air cooler because I dont want to deal with a second AIO in my case and in terms of size pretty much any tower cooler should fit my case (Fractal R4). Now normally I would just go with a Noctua NH-D15 but I dont want to spend 90€ on a cooler (I mean the upgrade is expensive enough as it is). I probably wont OC a whole lot either because I dont think any of the Ryzen 7s overclock very well. So could anyone recommend me a good Tower Air-Cooler for the 1700X?

How about the one it comes with. its free and it supposedly works fine.

Well that would normally work, but only the 1700 comes with a cooler, while the 1700x and 1800x dont

Cryorig R1 Ultimate. But there again... same price as d15...

Dark rock 3

Cryorig H5A

Noctua U12 or whatever it's called

Could always go with the tried and true hyper 212 series (cheapest one you can get, they all perform pretty much identically)

Phanteks something or other

just some ideas here, Idk the performance of them exactly but shouldn't be hard to find.

The ryzen chips seems to be pretty warm. So 212 I would not recommend at all...
U12S is an OK cooler. D14 or D15 are even better, but they're having their prices...
Enermax ETS T40 us nice...
Xigmatek Dark Knight is good...
CM 612 is great...

If you don't plan on overclocking much just about anything will work.

I'd say something like the Cryorig H7. If you're in the United States it's currently on sale too.

If you end up going for higher performance cooling, here's a list of dual stack coolers:

Dual Stack

Akasa Venom Medusa
Noctua NH-D15
Thermaltake CLP0587
be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3
Scythe Fuma
Silverstone Heligon HE-01
ThermalRight Silver Arrow
Phanteks PH-TC14PE
DeepCool GamerStrom Assassin II
DeepCool Neptwin
Gelid The Black Edition
Cryorig R1 Universal/Ultimate
ID-Cooling Hunter VC-Twin
ID-Cooling FI VC-Twin
ID-Cooling SE-205

I have no idea which of those brands support AM4 other than Cryorig, Noctua, be quiet! and Phanteks.

I have a BeQuiet Pure Rock on my 4690k & it keeps it cool at 4.2GHz. The higher end models are even better.

If you go for the 1700 over the 1700x, the way lower tdp should reduce your cooling needs.

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The Dark Rock Pro series is very similar in performance to Noctua. I really like the build quality of be quiet!'s stuff as well so I'd definitely recommend them. I've had noctua before and you get very similar performance and noise levels, at a little bit less. Of course if you're not pushing the overclock too far a smaller tower cooler would also do the job. The Hyper 212 coolers always received good reviews, so perhaps that's a cheaper alternative. Or be quiet!'s similar offering, as mentioned above, the Pure Rock series.

Well in terms of the Hyper 212, I'll have to see how well it actually does the job. As for the Dark Rock 3 Pro, its not that much cheaper than the noctua. I guess Ill just see

Also @w.meri, out of the brands you mentioned, it seems only noctua and be quiet have am4 coolers ready for germany right now :(

Get the 1700 and better cooling. From everything I have seen so far the whole ryzen stack seems to be around 100-300MHz apart on average. I haven't seen a 1700 that doesn't hit 3.8GHz.

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Thats probably a good idea, though I'm going to wait until there are more reviews and a wider variety of mainboards (where I live, there are only 12 X370 boards available right now. Really liking the Gigabyte boards...). Also there is the problem that I cant overclock for shit. I know how to do it, but I've never actually done it...

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I'm looking at the Scythe Mugen 5 and the Mugen Max High Performance. Both about 45-50 bucks.

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I love the look & the power delivery of the ASRock Taichi motherboard, I almost bought that (and still likely will unless I see something better), but want to wait for the 3 & 5 series release/reviews.

Overclocking isn't scary now, most boards have a 1 button system that will do it all for you. It's pretty difficult to actually break something unless you are really pushing it & ignoring the red numbers & warnings.

You will not. Reviewrs say it's best overall and have less issues than most others...

Go for anything Cryorig(like the h5 or R1), Noctua(d14 o d15), and/or Thermalright(Macho Rv. B or the True Spirit)

The Noctua NH-D15 is an insane cooler of course but you need to run two fans on it to really get the performance you are paying for. And that means a bit more noise than a single fan config. That is why I went with the NH-U14S.

Dude, I'm running 11 fans in my system and have 19dBa noise...
More fans at lower speed...

I think I am going to get a box fan or two and cool it that way.

Like this:

I do not have a fan that big tho.

Agree, completely. That is not the point. I probably haven't been explaining this very good...

The NH-U14S can run quieter up to a certain point than the NH-D15 because it only needs to handle one tower. With higher and higher energy output from the CPU that situation flips of course because the single fan has to spin up a lot to get rid of the heat while the NH-D15 can just run a second fan and remain at lower rpm. BUT running the NH-D15 with only one fan to make it as quiet as the NH-U14S results in higher temperatures.

TL;DR: Lower heat output, go NH-U14S. Higher heat output, go NH-D15.

But does anyone actually have any results for the NH-U14S with ryzen? Im really hesitant about these things because of ryzens heat output... Will the NH-U14S be enough for the 1700X at ~4GHz?