CPU cooler for Overclocking?

Hey guys!


I want to buy a gaming pc with the Intel i5 Core 4670k and I want to overclock that CPU right away. I really don't know which/what kind of cooler I have to buy for this. I have read that you can overclock the CPU to about 4.2 gHz (safezone) and with a beast of a cooler to 4.6gHz. Now, I want to OC it to about 4.2gHz, which CPU cooler do you guys recommend?


Please answer!


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I have a Phanteks 12DX on a 4770k. I have pushed my chip to 4.6, but it ran at 80 degrees on a synthetic benchmark. I downclocked to a safer 4.4, which ran between 60-70.

You could get the larger Phanteks unit, the 14PE. With that you could probably attain 4.5 quite comfortably.