CPU cooler for i7-6700K in CM 120 Elite Advanced?


I’m building a photo-editing rig for my brother and I’m trying to keep it as tiny as possibly with Cooler Master’s 120 Elite Advanced.

I’m getting a good deal on i7-6700K, but I’m curious if I can pair it with a cooler to keep temps in check with only 65mm of height available for the cooler in the case. I’ve been looking at Scythe’s Big Shuriken 2, would it do the trick?

I’d love ideas for a motherboard or any other CPU coolers that would do the trick on the 6700K. Thanks!

UPDATE: I ended up going with the Cryorig C7, but I wasn’t 100% happy with the acoustics. My brother couldn’t even tell if it was on (he’s used to a noisy old junker and tiny laptop fans), but I noticed the C7 constantly ramping up and slowing down pretty noticeably, which I personally found a bit irritating. Setting the fan curve manually might’ve fixed the issue somewhat, but I didn’t do enough tinkering to find out for sure.

Check out Noctua NH L9i...

I did and it looked great, but Noctua says that it should be used with care on CPUs that have TDP of 65W+ and the 6700K runs a max TDP of 95W. Do you think the Noctua would be able to handle it? I'm not planning on running OC.

Could be problematic... It's 90mm fan with 37mm thickness...
OK, check out COOLERMASTER GeminII M4 then... It outperforms the stock coolers and it's 59mm high...

The Cryorig C7 is only 47mm tall - cryorig gear is fantastic and the C7 is rated for up to 100w TDP


Sold! I'm definitely going with the C7 if I can get my hands on one, thanks a lot!

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No probs! They retail for $45 AUD, so if your using USD they will be cheaper than that.

http://www.cryorig.com/buy.php here is a list of retailers - or you might be able to ebay it.

$29.00 USD

whats your budget? water cooling an option? since it's a k part, are you planning on oc'ing?

also asus boards are pretty solid. their z170 a or pro board is my general recommendation for that platform unless you are not planning on overclocking, in which case get a non k chip + a h110 board.

I'm from Finland so I ended up paying through the nose (€40+).

I don't really have a set budget, but I'm trying to keep it reasonable.

No plans on OC'ing, but I'm getting a good deal on the 6700K, so it'll be cheaper than a non-K-i7 I could get my hands on anyway so I'm going with that anyway.

Re: motherboard, would this do the trick since there won't be any overclocking anyway (especially with the cooler being somewhat, thermally challenged, should I say)? It's on the cheaper side and has AC WiFi built in. Is it missing anything important?

How well does his programs support multithreading?

He uses Lightroom, but I have no idea how well it supports multi-threading.