CPU Cooler and PSU Troubles. Help Please

Well, this is what I've ordered so far: an NZXT Phantom (full tower), an AMD FX-8350, a HyperX 3K 120GB SSD, a 2TB HDD, an ASUS Sabertooth 990fx GEN3 R2.0, etc. However, I have not ordered a PSU or an aftermarket cooler for my cpu. I have not bought RAM yet, it can be low profile or anything else, and I am also accepting recommendation for that. Heres the requirements for both:

CPU Cooler:

- Must be able to clear my RAM, whether above the sticks or next to them on the Sabertooth.

-Must be decently quiet, if you wouldn't get it, I don't want it.

-High air flow

-Push/Pull setup

-Try to get dual tower

-Must be under $75

-Must be able to stay cool at medium overclocking on the 8350 (4.6/5.0ghz or so)

-I'd like to stay away from anything that isn't aesthetically pleasing, such as some Noctua models, but I will consider.



-Must be under $85/90

-650w or greater

-Must be a trusted/well known brand

-Single rail

-80 Plus Bronze or better


-Must be decently quiet, if you wouldn't buy it, I dont want it


Thanks for any feedback guys. I'm really jammed on this one and I can't really decide on what to get. Any help really is fantastic.

For the cooler, go with a Xigmatek Dark Knight II. You can veiw the review by the Tek team here. Its will cost you $50, minus shipping and taxes.

For the power supply, you can't go wrong with Corsair. Check this out. I calculated your total budget here, at $160. You'll save about $15 from the cooler, if you'd like a higher wattage, you could look around a bit for something within your pricerange. But it seems to me that you're best bet is to go with what I've linked here. Quality and price.


if you're willing to spend more i reccomend the Prolimatech Genesis



clears my ram with heatsink no problem ,aslo neat cause it helps cool the whole board.

The Phanteks PH-TC14PE is going to perform better for the money, plus, it is less awkwardly shaped.

I'd go for a Phanteks PH-TC14PE, Phanteks PH-TC12DX, Xigmatek Dark Knight and Dark Knight II, Promilatech Megahalem, Thermalright Silverarrow, Silverarrow Extreme, and the Noctua NH-D14.

As for the PSU, what will you be powering? Most likely, you don't need 650W, unless you're going for SLI or CF on the 6xx or 7xxx series cards. I'd recommend a Seasonic G 550 for your needs - more than enough power for any single card out there, including a Titan, even with overclocking, plus it's 80+ Gold, and semi-modular. Otherwise, I'd check out the Lepa G650 Mas - great PSU, and I mean great. Lepa has fantastic products. Low ripple, high efficiency - that's where it's at. Alternatively, if you can find one, a Corsair AX650 (discontinued) or Corsair HX650 (still in production) will serve you well.