CPU clock speed fluctuation

I am trying to overclock my FX 6300 GPU, and I am watching several different monitoring utilities and periodically my CPU speed just jumps off a cliff. Going from 4.5 to 1.4....Is that a sign of an unstable overclock, or is that just my board not being good enough to handle it? I am using a Asrock 970 Extreme3

AMD chips use Cool'n'Quiet mode (its CPU speed throttling) the chip will run at a lower mhz if your not doing anything and will speed up if you open programs play games ect ect this is to keep temps down and stop your fan from being loud all the time.

This can be swiched off in the bios then the chip will just run at full speed all the time 

All so check this out 


I have it turned off, I have turbo turned off, and it does this while I am running just about any stress test out there.

Have you tryed updateing the bios?

I have been running the lastest update.

Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Power Options - Power Saving Settings. If your CPU drops randomly DURING the test then I don't know how to help you :/

Sadly that is exactly my issue. I had not thought of changing power options, and at last it did not solve the issue

I do believe that my putting of too much voltage + using a budget board is what the issue was. I turned down the voltage now, and the fluctiation seems to have gone away.


Any new ideas as what is causing the fluctuations?