CPU choice

Im building a computer and i cant decide which processor to get. My choices are between an intel 3570k and a amd fx 8350 which i can buy both at the same price so that doesnt matter. help needed quickly!

The FX8350 is the better all-round choice. It is great for gaming and editing. It often beats the i5 in gaming benchmarks.

It does consume more power than the 3570k though, especially when overclocked.

so the fx over the i5?


Power supply is kinda negligible, even if you consider heat. If the OP has adequate cooling, it is of no concern


Original poster. I was talking to the other guy.

Oh ok


both cpu´s are good choices for gaming. i lean forward to the FX8350, at the moment.

FX-8350 is a great cpu, for gaming and also for streaming, it beats the i5 in some games, and it somethimes very compatetive to the i7. also the socket 1155 is end of life. but ofc that doesnt mean the i5 or i7 ivy-bridge is a bad choice.

i would pickup a FX8350 with a Decent 990FX chipsetboard the Asus Sabbertooth Gen 3, this board has pci-e 3.0 so you will be on the game for the future.

Choose intel ONLY if you find it for a much cheaper mobo and psu and then get a 3820 and overclock it because it is a sandy bridge it will be much cooler then ivy bridge and the 8350.

Sandy isn't that much cooler than Ivy; in all reality, they run pretty close, unless you have really good or really bad chips either way.

The 8250 does beat the 3570k in most cases, being roughly on par with the 3770k. Given the choice, I'd go with the 8350.