CPU causing FPS drops?

After upgrading my CPU from the fx-6300 to the fx-8350, i am having performance issues with my PC. At first i thought it was my GPU but i tested 2 different GPU's ( a 270x and a 970 ) and i still recieved fps drops in every game i played. Anyone know the cause and the fix? My cpu never surpasses 80 celsius rather it hovers around 40-60 celsius always, even under load. I've only installed this cpu into my rig for about 3 days.
In csgo, i may have around 250 fps but when a fps drop hits, i have about 30-90 fps for about 15 seconds before it picks back up. pls halp

Your letting your cpu get too hot and its throttling to protect itself. Your probably going to need to either back the speed down for your current cpu cooler, or get a better cpu cooler to compensate for the heat.

It's not getting hot at all since i am doing a stress test where the cpu is under 100% load and it still hovers around 50 celsius

Under what situation does the FPS drop?

There are sometimes bits in a game that a CPU just sort of derps out.

Grab MSI Afterburner, and check the GPU usage, and Task Manager. See if there is a spike or a drop in something that corresponds with the FPS drop.

When the game is running smoothly, the gpu usage is at about 22-25% but when it drops, gpu usage drops to about 5-8% for about 15-20 seconds before it picks back up to normal performance

Oh sorry, what about the CPU? Make sure you can see individual processors, and monitor those. I doubt the CPU is the issue, it may be drivers, but can't hurt.

you allready have a topic about this.
And i also allready gave you advice to install msi afterburner, monitor the gpu ussage, and post printscreens.

But yeah, your cpu is most likely causing your bottleneck.
Its an common issue with FX cpu´s like i allready said.

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