CPU bottleneck?

I'm currently over hauling my whole computer. But at the same time the computer does have a fairly good processor being a AMD Phenom II X6 1055T. I have just ordered a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 AMD990FX, and planning on getting either a HD 7970 or R9 280x ( this will depend on which one looks better/cheaper/ what I feel like this isn't an issue), and wondered if it being a bit of an older processor will show significant decrease in FPS in games? And if it does then is it worth it buying some mid decent 100$-150$ processor? 

It really depends on what games you play. Even with that the 7970, you won't see much bottleneck, if any, being caused by your current CPU even in CPU intensive games. 

However, I would strongly advise against that motherboard as it is very prone to overheating and has bad cooling of the VRMs. 

The new UD3 is supposed to be better  than the old version, but i'd maybe go with the 8320 for your system, its only 129.99 and is a hellishly good CPU

Thanks for the replies. Games I would play would fallow the lines of Metro 2033, battlefield 4, skyrim, etc etc. 

William is this a very common issue? I read good reviews about it, and it is revision 4.0 so maybe it has been fixed? plus I am NOT planning on doing insane overclocks. 

Thanks for the recommendation of the 8320 :D i'll look right into it.

I have the updated UD3 so i can say without a doubt that it is a great motherboard, thats why i recommend it, but only the updated version of it. I wouldn't do  a 5ghz OC on the the new one but a 4.5ghz would be great :)

Caveman thank you for putting my mind at ease :) I was really concerned from Williams comment.

The 1055T is like an FX 4300 (performance-wise). It should do fine for now, I don't think there will be a bottleneck, but an FX 8320 would be a significant upgrade.