CPU bottle-necking help

So my new graphics card came in today (GTX 650 ti) and I put it into my system. I have a dual core AMD CPU the a6 5400k, the only problem was that I wasn't getting the same performance that every benchmark that I have seen did, no where near in fact. I would just like to know if the problem is the CPU, even if it is it will not be a problem I have an AMD x4 750K that is coming in tomorrow :D. So I will a have a quad core CPU and will hopefully fix the problem. Anyway any help would be much appreciated, thanks-Cody.

Well, is it slower or faster? I suspect it might a driver conflict if it is slower. Be sure to uninstall the old AMD graphics driver. A 650-Ti would run circles around even a 6800k. If it was a CPU bottleneck, you would be getting around the same performance in benchmarks, depending on the benchmark. Unigen benchmarks are designed to strictly GPU-bound, so that might a good benchmark to start off with and compare scores.

yeah, well the new CPU i am getting is by far faster than the dual core. I am going to uninstall the old drivers and see if that helps anything


What website's benchmark are you basing this on?

cpu intensive games like metro last light for example will indeed be bottlenecked by that cpu. ☺

If you're getting the AMD x4 750K then you shouldn't be bottlenecked incredibly horrible. only in very cpu intensive games like Metro or Planetside 2 will you have issues

Well i am talking about my current systems state, with a duel core. My graphics card, I think ,is wayyy to powerful for my CPU. I ordered my new GPU and CPU at the same time however, the GPU got here first so I put it in my system, and it turned out to bottleneck the living crap out of my CPU. i think that all of my problems will be ironed out with my new CPU however :D