CPU bent pin... :(

Yea I know "how did you bend it?" no idea, I put it in and then took it ou, bent pin... I have a question though, is it possible for a MOBO to beep if a cpu has a bent pin? my MOBO didnt beep at all while the cpu was in, but the fans still ran.

Umm, the mobo would only give the regular post beep if everything was running correctly.

AMD sockets are ZIF sockets, meaning Zero Insertion Force. Drop n lock. Done. If you have push, you're doing it wrong. And really, the only to bend a pin is to use force. That means you installed the CPU wrong.

Depending on motherboard and BIOS, it beeps for all sorts of reasons - almost all of them do. They beep in various patterns to indicate a certain status - usually for diagnostics. Some even beep to report normal activity. Others don't beep if there isn't anything wrong. Again, it varies.

If the computer isn't working, you could try straightening the pin, but you could make things worse if you aren't careful. I've never dealt with bent pins before, usually video cables (s-video, d-sub), and straigtening the pin seems to solve things.

i think linus tech tips has a video on how to fix a bent pin look for it on his channel

Is the bent pin near the edge? If not, it will be incredibly difficult to fix it. When I bent my CPU pins due to a tricky/stuck socket protector, Asus sent me a new one. Try contacting the motherboard producer if you can't fix it. Doubtful they will repair it, though; my motherboard had lots of other problems in the first place; couldn't hurt to try, though.

He does, but it is very difficult and you can mess up and ruin more pins very easily. 

Depends on alot of factors. I have a pair of very thin needle nosed pliers that have a pin sized, cylinder shaped gap that runs down the plier heads (hard to explain) but if the pin isnt to weak at the base they will straighten them out when gripping on to the pin (works great for vga cables and the like, will be difficult on a cpu though).


Grab a hypodermic needle, cut off the sharp bit. You now have a very nice hollow tube that can be inserted over the bent pin. Gently make it straight again and everything should be fine - just don't bend it again as it probably won't survive another attempt.