Cpu and memory upgrade for my laptop advice?

First off im a new member here, so hi guys, been watching the youtube videos for a while now and decided it was time to join the cimmunity.

So im looking for some advice ......

i have an emachines e442 laptop. Which i bought for browsing, but lately ive been going back to coding and some light 3d work. The processor is an amd v160 single core 2.40ghz socket s1g4.

Its dire slow, so i was thinking maybe a new cpu, 40 quid max and im in a dilema with which one. Amds are so confusing, not looking for the highest scoring one, just one that will do what i want.

I read alot and found the memory controllers are on the chip, and the dual cores have l2 cache but the quads dont, so wouldnt that hinder performance ??

Im debating between 4 phenoms just now and am looking for some help deciding.

They are the p960 quad core. The n870 tri core, n930 quad core, and the n660 dual core.

Im also putting the memory up to 8gbs ddr3 1333, which should help out as well, might as well, 40 quid will get me 8gbs anyway. it can take the 8gb , well thats what the crucial scanner says anyway

Thoughts on the processors tho guys ?

The heat for the quads slightly scare me, as i assume it would heat up quite a bit and this was built for a single core. But i seen a youtube video and the comments someone is using the highest quad for the socket and its running fine, within operating temps.

Also the psu, the tdp goes up by 10 and in some cases 20 with some of those processors, its only a 65w psu, i could buy a larger one but would love advice on that as well.

thanks for the help in advance

it's a laptop, you really can't upgrade the CPU. adding ram won't help much, your cpu is ungodly crappy. single core these days is pretty much shitty, except for a home storage server. nowadays, you NEED at least 2 physical cores.

yeah i know dude, ive upgraded laptop cpus loads of times never an amd one, all the information in the socket type has made it hard to choose tho