CPU and HDMI Help

I'm new to PC Gaming and in the process of building my first PC. I've notice in one of the motherboard pictures that it doesn't have a HDMI port so how in the world would I be able to plug it into a monitor or tv. However my graphics card does have a HDMI port so would I be able to use that instead?

Also, what cpu would you recommend: AMD 760k Richland or AMD FX-6300 

Here is my PC set-up: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/mendecj812/saved/3iJ5

Finally, would any of these CPUs experience bottlenecking with a R9 270? 

Thank you for helping me out especially if your were able to answer all 3 of my questions!


hdmi is the devil!!! use dvi. yes, u can use your gfx card for teh output,

Can you please tell me why to use DVI over HDMI? 

No digital restrictions managment in the cable. Unlimited GPU bandwith. DVI looks better. DVI is made for PCs, HDMI is for TVs. DVI is cheaper.

And DVI still gives me video and sound? 

You will need a separate cable for sound. DVI is a PC video cable, not an Xbox to TV cable.

No DVI is just video you need other connection to get sound use the best one your monitor supports

ahh okay thanks 

The 760k has no integrated GPU.  Only the AMD APUs(A10, A8, etc) have integrated graphics, so your motherboard will only have video out if the CPU you have has an iGPU.  You need a graphics card to get a picture with the 750k.  Same thing applies to the FX- series CPUs.

FX-6300 is better than the Athlon II X4 760k

No, none would bottleneck an R9 270

Thank you, this cleared up my confusion. 

if you chose to go with the Athlon you would need a different motherboard as well, different sockets