Hey guys i have insane heating issues with my PC.

I have a MAD FX 350 OC to 4.1ghz that runs on BF3 at like 55-60 which is alittle scary.

Im cooling it with a H60 water cooler and stock fan.

My GPU is a EVGA GTS 680 and it has been running at like 70-73c on bf3.

ive cranked up my case fans but its too damn loud. I have a mid tower and im kinda lost on what to do. PLEASE HELP

nvidia cards run hot even up to 80c and beyond and your cpu seams to be ok for a overclocked cpu 55-60 is fine.

Down clock your cpu a little if you whant lower temps 

Get some good fans your case if you whant to get more airflow in the case maybe some noctua fans there ugly but the best...or corsair now do some reasonable fans and thay look nicer

I was tempted to get a new case because my computer right now is louder then a vacume cleaner. So do you have any recommendations for like a case that will fit a large motherboard and a H100


if you have 80-100$ to spend the fractal design define r4 is a great case for airflow (up to 7 140mm or 120mm fans +internal soundproofing) there black/silver or white with or without a side window

You can fit in ATX M-ATX mobos


Does your 680 use a blowerfan? Those can be pretty loud in general. To be honest, your temps are perfectly normal, I don't know why you are freaking out.

referance coolers on gpu always run hot. the h60 is a pretty much useless water cooler, a hyper 212 evo will do a way better job than that with good airflow. but if you can fit it get a Noctua NH-D14, they are as good as a h100 or maybe a bit better.

Yup, ditch the H60 and use a good air cooler. You should see improvements.

Oh by the way, did you mean an FX-8350?

seems strange to me, i think the airflow in youre case is the bigger issue some where, cause i the Fx8350 with turbo core enabled runns stock on 4.1 GHZ/4.2.

i use the stock cooler and have 2 intake fans infront and 1 exhaust at the end, i never getting the temps higher then 45/50 degrees. on load.

but yes the stock cooler gets realy loud wenn you go gaming. and thats annoying.

i eaven use the stock thermal paste, as came on the stock cooler it self :) and it works fine.

i gues maybe chance the fan from the H60 to a  better fan, then maybe you get cooler.or if possible set 2 fans on the radiator, blow in suck out... but if you have a good airflow in the case,then a decent aircooler wil also do fine.

Well i actually had a FX 350 burn out on my friend at 63c so thats why im abit ehhh