CPU Air Cooler Question

I am going to be upgrading my system soon, and one of the bigest changes is going to be the upgrade to the AMD FX-8350.  I have heard of issues with how hot it gets.  I was wondering which air cooling solution would be better.  I don't plan on overclocking for now.  I am torn between the Noctua nh-d14 and the Xigmatek Dark Knight 2 Nighthawk edition.  Which would be the better choice for non-overclocking air cooling?

for that i'd go with the free one that comes with the cpu

but then i'm the kind of person to spend my money wisely, those coolers are both for higher-midrange overclocking

if you really want one get a cooler master hyper 212

I would normally go with the stock cooler, too. The only problem is that I have heard that the stock fan can get rediculously loud while still allowing the CPU to get in the higher, but still acceptable, heat range.  I would rather not have a motorcycle engine in my room while I am trying to play a game.  Thanks for the reccommendation, I will definately look into it.

+1 for the hyper evo 212

You don't need to spend lots on a high-end heatsink. The forementioned coolers are for high overclocking capability.