Cpu advice help

i want to buy new computer i saw 1800x many people say it good for the price and it less expensive then x99 that is 1000 dollers and i like to do games and work as adobe autodesk avid
is there difference if i got 144 monitor and i get 80 or 120 in amd and little more in intel like only small percent more and if i play higher resolution they both kinda match but people lower resolution to get higher of fps but if i buy expensive 1440 or 4k to lower resolution is kinda stupid if it has 144 hz but lower fps?

how many games goes higher then 144 hz and will you notice the differences and with out the fps counter on the games?

i hear some videos of person saying intel is better for work as music production that there faster and both have the same 8 and 8 cores is there difference vs software problems or limits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj57X_WDojc

get a R7 1700



i like to do everything on my computer and more

This should get the job done:

But, in all seriousness, 'do everything' means nothing.


If this is strictly a gaming PC than I'd reccomend waiting for the Ryzen R5 CPU's and Vega GPU's... It will likely be 4-5months till all the reviews are in however.

If it's a workstation that you'll be doing some gaming on from time to time than there's nothing wrong with a Ryzen R7 1700/1700x... Then It's just a matter of if you need to use CUDA in which case get a nvidia GPU... GTX 1080/1080ti it's sounds like since you looking at 144hz moniters. (144hz isn't necessary BTW 120hz is easier to achieve and anything over 90hz generally looks pretty good anyway!)

However, if you need to build it in the next week or two I'd reccomend strictly gaming... A 7600k/7700k CPU, GTX 1080/1080ti or R9 Fury Nitro GPU, and if you go with the R9 Fury Nitro GPU than a Freesync 120hz/1440p Korean Monitor.