Hey guys i was playing guitar and i was bored so i decided to record a song i just learned. its crazy train by ozzy. im not that good so dont be all like YOU SUCK BITCH. but yeah the recording quality sucks cuz it got fucked up in the audio settings some how idk. but yeah tell me what you guys think

how long have you been playing?

Also, what kind of sandwich do you reccomend I make?

2 years on and off. but i teach myself and learn by ear

Pretty good. Just keep practicing and you'll get a lot better. And as for annihil8or, I recommend you make a turkey and cheese sandwich with tomatoes.

i have only been playing 4 years

you rushed the main riff, Slow it down and pick it out easy, I'd rather hear it slow than sloppy, nice job though.

yeah i tend to play it to fast some times if i dont listen to the song at the same time. but yeah i just winged it

yeah haha

why delete

I'll be honest

this was horrible

the timing was so off and everything is rushed

also your sound is horrible

yeah i no it sucks ballls. lol it took me a minute to do and i used audactiy to loop it so all the timings are off. but yeah i no it sucks

After you take a dump, look in the toilet. There is the quality of that video/audio.

yeah i no that. i hit the wrong settings while rendering

that was a little better than nickelback :D


honestly, its not bad...this is why,

yes the tone sucks, throw on some real distortion.

as for the timing, just move the lead back 2 beats so its on time.

it'll sound good then

yeah i no the tone sucks, i was using my shitty 15w amp cuz my nice amps/stacks are down stairs and i didnt feel like bringin my whole comp down stairs just to record lolz.